The Stinson 108 Voyager and
Flying Station Wagon Instrument Panel Page
by Larry Westin

Images of the Stinson 108, and other Stinson light aircraft, instrument panels.

Added 01/01/05, updated 04/03/14.

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My thanks to David Talley and Jack Harris for providing the Stinsonflyer server to store these images on!

The Standard Stinson 108 Factory Instrument Panels

Stinson 108's were delivered from the factory with one of 3 type instrument panels. All 3 panels are interchangeable. Each is painted the same color, dark blue. Note the Stinson instrument panel logo is missing from the advanced blind flight panel. The next 3 images are factory photographs showing the different instrument panels available from the factory. Included with each airplane regardless of panel was a two way radio. In the model 108 it was a GE AS-1B, in the model 108-1, 108-2 and 108-3 it was a Hallicrafter CA-2. It is the Hallicrafters CA-2 radio shown in each of these three factory instrument panel photographs. The press release with this information is dated 6/17/47, making these instrument panels as installed on the model 108-2.

Other Stinson 108 Instrument Panels

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