The Stinson Float Plane Page
by Larry Westin

Shown her are images of various Stinson aircraft on floats. The Stinson aircraft on floats area Added 12/01/99, Last updated 10/10/14.

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If you have imges of Stinson float planes and are willing to share them with others please email me at

Stinson added float fittings at the factory when the airplane was ordered new with the float kit option. If you have a Stinson 108 landplane and want to add floats, Univair has available a float kit. Two float fittings are required on each side of the airplane. The first shown here is the float fitting at the front of the main landing gear. The second float fitting is the rear float attachment point. The rear float attachment point is located on the lower fuselage longeron at approximately the back of the rear seats. These photographs taken on July 9, 2005, Stinson 108-3, N4037C, at Norrigewock Airport, Norrigewock, Maine. This airplane has the float fittings standard from the factory. Both images are color, the front fitting about 62K, the rear fitting about 72K. Added 08/02/05.

This is a Stinson 108-2 N906D on floats at the dock. This is serial number 108-2906, a Station Wagon model, completed 6/13/47, delivered 6/16/47, configured at the factory for floats and skiis. This is a factory photograph with a press release saying the group of people at the dock are former GI's now performing on Broadway in "Call Me Mister." This group of actors formed the "Broadway Flying Club." Those who are on the club roster are Ruth Feist, Joe Calvan, Steve Allison, Rolly Beck and Kevin Smith. Note that for the Stinson 108, 108-1 and 108-2 (the small tail Stinsons), a ventral fin is required when the airplane is equipped with floats. B&W, about 120K, Added 01/01/05.

This is a Stinson 108-3 N501C on floats at take off. This is serial number 108-3501, the prototype 108-3, built as a Station Wagon model, completed 7/21/47, delivered 10/28/47, configured at the factory for floats and skiis. This is a factory photograph. Unlike the Stinson 108, 108-1 and 108-2 (the small tail Stinsons), the model 108-3 doesn't require a ventral fin when the airplane is equipped with floats. B&W, about 81K, Added 01/01/05.

Another view of Stinson 108-3 N501C on the water. This view probably taken at the same time as the photo above, and probably the nicest of the photos of this airplane. B&W, about 105K, Added 12/02/07.

Dramatic view of Stinson 108-3 N501C on floats. Not sure if this is immediately after take off, or if this is just prior to landing. This is a factory photograph. B&W, about 126K, Added 10/14/07.

This is a Stinson 108-3 N501C on the beach. This photograph shows 2 couples having a campout after landing and beaching the Stinson. Examine the propeller, I believe that is a Sensenich variable pitch propeller. I've never actually seen a Sensenich variable pitch propeller on a Stinson, primarily because of an airworthiness directive which requires disassembly and inspection every 50 hours. That doesn't apply to the Sensenich fixed pitch propellers. B&W, about 114K, Added 01/01/05.

This is Stinson 108-3 N4008C on floats, beached. New owner Dr. Richard Olree sent this to me. Note how the big tail 108-3 does NOT required the ventral fin when flown as a float plane. Color, about 53K, added 12/23/99, corrected 3/12/00. Here is a second view of N4008C on a Canadian Lake taken in late 2001. Color, about 120K, Added 03/02/02. A view of N4008C being refuled at the dock. Color, about 37K, Added 04/04/05.

Nice view of Stinson 108-3 N4100C on Floats at the seaplane ramp. This photograph was taken at the Kurtzer Seaplane Terminal, Seattle, Washington, August 1966. Unfortunately I can't remember who sent it to me. Color, about 47K. Added 08/02/05. updated 09/04/06.

Unique view of Stinson 108-3 N6436M raised by a crane to install Floats at Port Orchard, Washington. Once the floats are fitted the airplane is moved into the hangar for rigging. Here is another view of N6436M on the water on floats at the dock at Port Orchard, Washington. Color images, about 311K and 313K respectively. My thanks to Tim Boughner of Tim's Aircraft Repair for these images. You can contact Tim at or by phone at (253) 857-3642 for more information about Stinson float operations. Added 09/09/05, last updated 10/10/14.

Kurtzer Seaplane base with Stinson 108-2 NC9715K shown here docked. Lana Kurzter owned and operated Kurtzer Seaplane base for many years. His last location was Lake Union, in the state of Washington. Believe this view shows Lana Kurtzer on the right, with what appears to be 3 beauty pagent ladies (my guess as the ladies are well dressed, wearing high heels and sashes) standing on the float. If you look through the cabin window you can see the vertical stabilizer of a second Stinson 108-2 on floats. The second 108-2 is registered NC9714K. Note the controllable pitch propeller on this airplane. This Stinson was equipped with a Continental O-470 230 HP engine. NC9715K is no longer on the FAA register, however NC9714K is still shown, based in Washington. B&W, about 118K. Added 07/04/06, updated 09/04/06.

Another view of the Kurtzer Seaplane base with Stinson 108-2 NC9714K on floats. This photo was most likely taken at the same time as the image of NC9715K above. Presence of the beauty pagent ladies would probably not be an everyday occurrence. Of special note are the other float plane/amphibian shown in the photograph at the dock. At the right rear, farthest from the camera, is a Beech 17 Staggerwing, between the Staggerwing and NC9714K is a Cessna 180 on floats. On the left side, at the rear, is a Republic Seabee amphibian, then what I believe is a short wing Piper, then closer is a Cessna 195, then closest on the left is (I believe) another Cessna 180 (only the nose is visible). B&W, about 178K, Added 08/06/06.

A Stinson factory view of Stinson 108-2 N9742K on Floats. This view shows the airplane beached where the floats are fully visible and the ventral fin is seen well. Only small tail Stinsons required the ventral fin. B&W, about 34K, Added 12/9/99.

This is a 1946 Stinson 108 on Floats tied up at a dock. This image came from Seattle Seaplanes which offers flight instruction in this airplane. So far this the only Stinson 108 Float Plane I know of which is available for flight instruction. You can contact Seattle Seaplanes for further information. Also more detailed info is located on the Stinson's for Rent information. Color, about 14K, Added 12/1/99.

Lars Opland sent me these views of Stinson 108-3 N507C, serial number 108-3507. N507C is on floats at Finger Lake in Alaska. Click here for view number 1, a 1/2 front view, click here for view number 2, a head on view, and click here for view number 3, a side view. These images give a good idea of large the floats are. My thanks to Lars Opland for sending these images. Added 02/21/10.

This image came from a photograph for sale on eBay. This shows a Stinson SR-9 at Takeoff. B&W, about 26K, Added 12/1/99.

Homepage visitor Art Carson loaned me 3 photographs of Stinson SR-9DM, registration CF-BEQ, on floats. These photo's were taken at Red Pass townsite at the outlet of Moose Lake, Mount Robson Park, British Columbia, in the Canadian Rockies. The water in the photos is the lake outlet where the Fraser River leaves the lake. The mountains in the background are the Selwyn Range of the Rockies and the long ridge behind the taxiing Stinson is Alpland Ridge. First image is a Side View while tied to the bank of the river. B&W, about 127K. Next view is a Front, close up view of CF-BEQ. B&W, about 90K. This next view is the same as above of CF-BEQ, from the front, this time showing more of the surrounding terrain. B&W, about 108K. Last view of CF-BEQ is while taxiing on the river. B&W, about 59K. Company logo on the Stinson dates these photographs as being taken between April 1937 and May 1940. All originally added on 12/01/99. Art Carson took new digital photographs of the original prints 11 years after the first time they were scanned. These rescanned images are much higher quality images and were updated 03/03/11.

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