Stinson Stories

Some homepage visitors have provided the following stories about Stinson aircraft. I hope you will find them as interesting as I have. Added 03/05/97, last updated 01/18/98, converted all the stories to PDF format 11/19/14.

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"Ice Stinson" by Garland Cofield - describes how on takeoff Stinson CF-VYA fell through the ice, was recovered and flew again! PDF, about 10K. Added January 18, 1998.

"Luckiest Stinson Around" by Aubie Pearman - describes N6336M, a very luck Stinson indeed. PDF, about 10K. Added December 18, 1997.

"American Airlines Stionson" by Captin Carl Jordan. This story tells of how American Airlines used the Stinson Reliant and how an American Airlines pilot owned a Stinson 108. Capt. Jordan, a retired United airlines captin, relates the story of his father, an American Airlines Captain and a Stinson Voyager owner. Capt. Jordan's daughter now flies B-737's as a third generation airline pilot. PDF, added images 11/19/14, about 254K. Added 03/05/97.

Do you have a Stinson Story? I would enjoy reading it, please E-Mail me at Your comments are always welcome.

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