New and Remanufactured Stinson 108
Voyager and Flying Station Wagon Parts
by Larry Westin

Listed below are individuals and companies which provide new and remanufactured Stinson parts to original specifications. Last updated 12/01/19.

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Sherman Oxford owns his own Stinson 108-3, and previously owned his own furniture manufacturing business. He has manufactured sets of the wooden side panels for the 108-1, 108-2 and also flat side panels for the 108-3 available for sale. Contact Sherman Oxford by email at or by postal mail at 4909 Harbor Court, Flower Mound, TX 75022 or by telephone at (972) 874-5050 or (214) 704-1535. My thanks to Sherman Oxford for letting me know he has these wooden side and back panels available. Added 06/02/11.

Tom & Carol Buce, of Kimberly, Oregon, did have available beautiful custom interiors and the wooden side panels for the Stinson 108-3 Station Wagon. Not certain if these are still available You can view their homepage at Lands Inn Bed & Breakfast and Airstrip. Or you can e-mail Tom or Carol Bruce at Tom & Carol Bruce's address, phone, etc are shown. Added 02/08/01, Updated 12/01/19. My thanks to Russ Nichols for correcting this URL.

Link to Refinished Stinson Control Wheels by Garry McCoy Aviation is no longer active. At one time Garry also installed a push to talk switch and has Stinson emblems available. Added 06/01/01, Updated 12/01/19.

Dan Schultz, of Schultz Engineering builds new etched original style instrument panels for the Stinson. Dan now has available the etched Glovebox doors. Photograph of the Etched Instrument Panel, and the Etched Glovebox pieces. Dan's address and phone number are listed in the Stinson and Franklin Parts and Service Sources list. Dan Schultz has a homepage to view his products at, you can also contact Dan via e-mail at My thanks to Dan Schultz for updating contact information. Updated 10/31/10.

Univair is the Type Certificate holder for the Stinson 108 series airplanes. Univair also has parts manufacturing authority (PMA) for Stinson parts. Many of the parts I used in restoring my own airplane came from Univair. Univairs address and phone are listed in the Parts and Service Sources list.

Stinson and Franklin Parts and Service Source List.

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