Aviation Links
by Larry Westin,

The Larry Westin Aviation Links Page has links to some other aviation sites. These links worked when added. If you find a broken link please email me at westin@westin553.net - Aviation Link Correction. Links listed in alaphabetical order. Dates shown are in MM/DD/YY format.

Link page first started 05/11/98, Last updated 05/01/22.

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1000aircraftphotos.com by Ron Dupas and Johan Visschedijk, images including general aviation aircraft. Added 12/30/01.

AAHS - American Aviation Historical Society - added 11/13/14.

Abandoned and Little-Known Airfields by Paul Freeman, well worth a visit. Added 08/19/04, updated 04/01/17.

Aera 51 Information, learn the secrets of Aera 51, added 10/08/21.

AeroFiles Aeronautical Facts and Data.

Aeromoe's Airline Fleets although not being updated has a lot of info on airline fleets, added 09/30/05, updated 04/08/15.

African Aviation news and pilot resources added 01/01/10.

Air Britain

Air Charter Services U.K. and 14 other countries. Added 08/16/13.

Air Traffic Control ATC 1st 25 Best Years (1958-83) and the next 30 years (1983-2013) by Ron Fandrick. Added 01/06/17, updated 12/01/19.

Aircraft Crashes Record Office by Ronan Hubert, Geneva, Switzerland. Added 05/06/11.

Aircraft InFormation.Info Comprehensive Information for serious enthusiasts by Guy Martin. Added 05/21/07.

Aircraft-Listings.com Aircraft and Helicopters for sale listings. Added 12/30/14.

Aircraft Maintenance & Repair Organization (MRO) Portal by Vukasin Milinkovic. Added 04/01/21.

Aircraft Mechanic help with Asbestos exposure. Added 02/01/18.

Aircraft Spruce and Specialty I purchased many items for my Stinson restoration here. Added 11/23/05.

Aircraft Tool Supply Company added 11/18/18.

Aircraft Type Collection by Carl Josef added 11/23/05.

Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of the American West by G. Pat Macha. added 12/21/08.

Airline Pilot Historical Society added 09/30/05.

Airliner Photographs by Ralph Kunadt.

Airliner Production Lists Added 07/02/06.

AIRLINERS.NET a vast selection of aircraft photographs (all type aircraft). Added 11/23/05.

AirNav.com a wealth of information about aiprots, navaids, etc. Added 11/28/04.

Airport-Data.com a large database of information about aiports and aircraft. Added 02/18/06.

Airportsearch Flight Times, Flight Departures, Flight Arrivals, Airport Delays, Track flight status, and
other airport information in real time from over 6000 International Airports
. Added 09/06/09.

Airshowphotomania.com aircraft photos by Colin Sayce. Added 12/03/16.

Alpha Aviation. Hydraulic aircraft jacks, STC's for 3 point diagonal restraint systems, and more. Added 05/01/07.

American Airlines main index page.

AMARC - AMARG Aircraft Maintenance And Regeneration Group. Near Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson. Added 12/16/07, updated 08/17/18.

American Flag information. Added 12/21/08.

Anderson Aeromotive, Inc. Rebuilders of large bore radial engines. Added 10/01/13.

AOPA Official homepage of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

Atlantic Training Accident Investigation Online Training Course. Added 06/18/15.

AV WEB Vast aviation items here, great weekly news. Includes search capability for several databases.

Avialantic Maryland and Mid Atlantic Aviaition by Fred Pierce.

Aviation Archaeology in Maine by Pete Noddin. Added 06/30/13.

Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) - aviation weather - and METAR reports for the U.S. by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration - NOAA. Added 02/08/02, updated 01/01/12.

Aviation History in Dayton, Ohio. Recommended by Boy Scout Noah Bass, maintained by By: Brian Joslyn. Added 04/07/22.

Aviation History and Photographs by Ruud Leeuw. Added 11/07/09.

Aviation Photos of Aircraft in Iceland by Baldur Sveinsson. Added 09/16/07.

Aviation Prints at Barewalls. Added 11/17/15.

Aviation Safety Network details on commercial aircraft losses. Added 12/14/99.

Aviation Schools Online. Added 05/14/13.

Aviation Stock Photography at Can Stock Photo by Marie Kieckbusch. Added 06/30/09.

Aviation Stock Photography at Go Graph by Ryan Reichl. Added 06/21/12.

The Aviation Zone by Mike Neely.

Aviation Quotes by David English. Added 08/15/05.

B-36 Peacemaker and other Fort Worth, Texas Aviation. Added 01/27/01, updated 08/20/16.

Barnstormers.com aircraft and parts for sale. Added 01/01/22.

Joe Baugher's Aviation Home Page (Military serial numbers). Added 9/15/98, updated 03/14/10.

Beech Heritage Museum Added 06/20/06 (was the Beech Staggerwing Museum).

Beechcraft (previously Hawker Beechcraft) Aircraft. Added 07/15/02, updated 06/30/13.

Twin Beech.com added 07/15/02.

Lawrence D. Bell Aviation Museum added 08/26/14.

Bellanca-Champion Information by Cy Galley.

Berling Airlift Historical Foundation which has restore a Boeing C-97, and a Douglas C-54. Added 03/07/05.

Boeing Aircraft.

Bonanza/ Debonair/Mentor/Baron/Travel Air homepage. Updated 10/06/06.

Bonanza Airlines heritage site. Added 05/15/11.

Brooks Aviation Art. Added 10/24/11.

Cayole Cruises for those interested in taking a cruise. Added 12/03/13.

Century of Flight a most complete aviation history. Added 12/02/04.

Cessna Aircraft.

The Flying Bobcats Added 08/16/09.

Clark's Cessna 120/140 page.

Cessna 150 - 152 Club Added 10/01/13.

Cessna 195 Club Added 10/01/13.

Charles Taylor Aviation (formerly AVEMCO aviation insurance) added 12/05/08, updated 08/16/09.

Chartis Aviation Salvage (formerly AIG aviation salvage) added 09/30/05, updated 02/05/17.

Classic Wings Magazine from New Zealand.

C.R. Smith Museum - American Airlines Museum near DFW airport. Added 08/08/07, Updated 08/20/16.

Connecticut Air and Space Center, Stratford, CT, added 12/01/19.

Continental Aircraft Engines, added 01/01/03, updated 04/08/15.

Courtesy Aircraft Rockford, IL, restores warbirds. Added 06/06/06.

Covington Aircraft Engines, Inc. Added 11/18/18.

CRAIG'S Aviation Collectibles both airline and general aviation. Added 10/23/05, updated 11/23/08.

Davis Monthan AFB. Added 06/06/06, update 08/20/16.

Delta Airlines

Douglas DC-8 Production List. Added 0701/15, updated 08/17/18.

EAA Official homepage for the Experimental Aircraft Association. Added 11/23/05, updated 07/01/15.

FAA - The Federal Aviation Administration homepage

FAA - The FAA Aircraft Registry homepage. Added 02/09/08.

FAA - The FAA Airman Login homepage. Added 04/17/07.

FAA - The FAA Design Approvals homepage. Added 02/09/08.

Flabob, Calfironia Airport a most interesting airport. Added 11/13/14, updated 08/20/16.

Flight arrival and departure times in real-time from all airports worldwide. Added 02/06/19.

FlightPlanet - online aircraft sales. Added 12/18/13.

Flightradar24.com - Live flight tracker! - Added 03/16/14.

Flightsfrom.com airline routes and schedules worldwide. Added 03/10/18.

Dan Ford aviation author. Info on Flying Tigers, Brewster Buffalo, other.

Foto Search Stock Photography and Stock Footage. Added 06/18/15.

Free Aviation Prints and Wall Art free small art prints. Added 06/16/17.

Globalair.com aircraft for sale and aviation resource center. Updated 10/06/16.

GLOBEMASTER US Military Aviation Database. US Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army, Coast Guard military bases, units, links, tail codes, abbreviations. Added 1/21/01.

Goleta Air and Space Museum

The Gyro Directory Added 10/17/13.

Historic Wings Magazine for Aviators, Pilots and Adventurers Added 12/03/16.

Honda Jets an online information resource for Honda Jet. Added 02/20/06.

Historic Aviation a great selection of aviation books. Added 11/23/05, updated 08/20/16.

Joe Davies Heritage Airpark at Palmdale Plant 42 in the California desert. Added 03/14/08, updated 08/09/14.

Kathryns Report - aircraft accident and incident reports. Added 01/01/22.

Kiwi Aircraft images in New Zealand by Phillip Treweek. Updated 01/14/01.

Ladies Love Taildraggers brought to my attention by member Elaine Huf. Added 05/16/10.

Live ATC - LAX default location added 01/18/17.

Lockheed C-130 Hercules added 11/01/18.

Lockheed C-141 Starlifter Heaven added 07/11/14.

Lockheed Constellation Survivors added 12/19/06.

Lockheed Super Constellation Flyers Association based in Switzerland.C Added 02/18/06.

Lockheed-Martin Aircraft.

The Luscombe Aircraft Corporation 2019 added 04/01/21.

The Luscombe Endowment added 12/29/12.

Maine Aviation Historical Society. Added 09/30/05, updated 07/01/15.

MapQuest Added 11/23/05.

March Field Air Museum Added 06/01/21.

McCauley Propeller

The former McDonnell Douglas Aircraft. McDonnell Douglas was officially purchased by the Boeing Company effective August 4, 1997. Clicking here actually sends you to the Boeing WWW page, however there is information about the former McDonnell Douglas aircraft. Updated 06/18/98.

Meyers Aircraft Company. Added 03/18/14.

Mid Atlantic Air Museum Restoring a Northop P-61 Blackwidow, Reading, Pennsylvania. Added 06/01/17.

Millers Field Newburgh, Maine. Added 11/23/07.

Mooney Aircraft.

Mooney Aircraft Owners' Events. Added 09/20/05.

MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH general aviation propellers. Added 03/30/14.

NASA-Edwards Armstrong Flight Research Facility at Edwards AFB, California.

National Air and Space Museum

NASM Paul Garber Facility.

National Airline History Museum Was Save-A-Connie, Added 01/01/02, Updated 05/19/13.

National Warplane Museum of Geneseo, New York. Added 05/01/16, updated 08/17/18.

Navion - Sierra Hotel Aero owns the Navion type certificate, has PMA parts. Added 01/01/12.

American Navion Society Added 01/01/12.

Northwest Airlines is now part of Delta. This link will redirect to the Delat Airlines homepage. Added 06/27/04, updated 03/24/10.

Not Just Plane Jane at http://www.notplanejane.com/ is a great source of propeller information. Added 06/30/06.

NTSB Aviation Accident Database & Synopses. Added 03/01/03, updated 06/18/15.

NTSB Aviation Database by MONTH. Added 02/05/11, updated 12/23/14.

Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor Added 05/01/16.

Pacific Southwest Airlines - PSA - added 02/01/01, Updated 07/01/17.

Pan Am Heritage Site, a history of Pan Am 1927 to 1991.

Patrol Bombing Squadron 102/14, added 01/01/03, Updated 04/08/15.

Pilot Age a home for Southern California pilots. Added 11/23/05.

Pilot Friend is an excellent pilot resources center. Added 12/02/04.

The Pilot's Place by Brian Strauba a new forum for pilots. Added 10/01/20.

Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona.

The Piper Aircraft Company.

Piper Apache Club Added 07/11/14.

The Piper Aviation Museum in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania.

Plane Crash Information by Richard Kebabjian, vast data on aviation disasters, Added 12/4/01.

Planes of Fame Museum at Chino, California.

Planespotters.net airline fleet info. Added 04/17/07.

Pratt and Whitney dependable engines.

Remote Control Airplanes - at xenonproject.com. Added 07/16/11.

Republic Aviation Seabee Amphibian Added 10/17/11.

Bernhard Rouschal's Focke-Wulf Fw P 149 "Piggi". Germany's first postwar military, propeller driven, training airplane.

Artist Sam Lyons Studio - Paintings of aircraft.

Save-A-Connie is now the National Airline History Museum. Added 01/01/02, updated 05/19/13.

SDASM San Diego Aerospace Museum. Added 01/01/05, updated 08/01/20.

Aviation author Barry Schiff Added 06/21/09.

Scramble Magazine from The Netherlands. Can search the disposition of specific serial numbered airplanes.

Sensenich Propellers - Fixed Pitch Metal and wood, added 01/01/03, updated 04/08/15.

Sporty's Pilot Shop a place where I have purchased a lot aviation items. Added 11/23/05.

Sun Air Parts Added 11/18/18.

Temco/Globe Swift Swift Museum Foundation, Inc.

Telex Communciations Products



Tulsa Aircraft Engines Added 11/18/18.

United Airlines has merged with Continental Airlines, added 04/02/05, Updated 08/20/16.

Univair Aircraft a great source for classic general aviation parts. Added 06/06/06, updated 08/01/20.

U.S. Air Force Museum National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton Ohio. Details on museum aircraft plus links to other government sites. Here is a new Virtual Tour of the USAF Museum. Added 9/15/98, updated 12/01/19.

US Airways is now part of American Airlines Added 09/20/05, updated 05/01/16.

Vintage Radials of Tehachapi, Added 07/26/14.

Vintage V12s of Tehachapi, Added 07/26/14.

W.A.S.P. Womens Airforce Service Pilots of WWII. Added 07/26/14, updated 10/01/20.

Wikipedia on line encyclopedia. Added 12/21/08.

WindFinder a page which shows winds and forecasted wind. Added 10/01/20.

XB70 North American triple sonic XB70.

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